Drawing inspiration from Pierre Schaeffer’s considerations on the sound objects, from a distillation of the soundscape into abstract components conveyed by the compositional form, Vacuamoenia has faced abandonment, drift, inner landscapes, acoustic cracks, through the release of record products having over time stratified an implicit taxonomy of an imaginary soundscape.
The following discography is made up of both works created by Vacuamoenia and the results of the calls that over the years have been launched to open research to sound designers and composers from all over the world. These works have been recorded for Cronica Electronica, Galaverna and self-produced.

Title — DERIVA
Label — Cronica
Release Date — 13 October 2020

Title — Panphonia
Label — Cronica
Release Date — 29 May 2018

Label — VacuaMoenia
Release Date — 17 March 2017

Title — Oreibates
Label — VacuaMoenia
Release Date — 16 May 2016

Title — Borgo Schirò, Churchscape
Label — Galaverna
Release Date — 21 Sept. 2014

Title — Crepe
Label — VacuaMoenia
Release Date — 18 July 2014