radio vacuamoenia
  1. Radio VacuaMoenia

Two years ago, during the first quarantine, we created a small streaming radio that broadcast the soundscapes of the cloistered places of various sound artists connected via skype from all over the world, deconstructing and recombining the means then used for the DAD and other emergency communication strategies. We called the project “Empty Cities”.

Today we find ourselves rethinking the idea of ​​radio – streaming further by exploring its potential in the way of VacuaMoenia: emptying the meanings to fill them up again, create divergence between the parts and pursue a drift.

From today we will spread our soundscapes recorded in these ten years in Sicily and we will do it in continuous rotation and in a random way, so that the algorithm suggests a path that varies at every hour of the day – a momentary third way linked to the present that in addition to those related to time, the playlists on soundcloud, and to space, the sound map.

At any time you connect to our radio you will hear a different point of Sicily that has deposited its original meaning. You will hear “mura vuote”.