VacuaMoenia – from the Latin “empty walls” – is an identitarian and ecological sound act that revolutionises profound meanings.

The aesthetic revolution of VacuaMoenia evokes from places abandoned by man and the sounds these produce: an investigation of sounds, the enduring ones and those to be organised on-site through hiking, field registration and contact with the territory.

VacuaMoenia initiates its activity in the Sicilian hinterland with playing the sounds of abandoned villages that were first built to populate rural areas in Sicily during the Fascist time. Society is driven by urbanism or natural disasters to forget about the countryside, leaving behind the walls that were welcoming once and that lastly lost any meaning. The sites lose their definitions and become “Atmospheres”.

VacuaMoenia reveals these Atmospheres through a tactile action proposing a dense vacuum nature, the harmonic box. The materials represent the orchestra players, the paths and the streets are arrangements written on earth. Thus, through touch and the other senses, every soundscape becomes a site of sounds as well as a musical instrument under construction.