Every artifact, for Roberto Barbanti, comes from a gesture that creates it and from a word, as an intentional communicative act, which makes it implicitly expressive. Through the creation of artifacts, man produces a mnemonic sedimentation that can be understood as a single objective narration – therefore expressively concrete – and objectified – that is, made an object.
If in the case of sound and specifically in the western geographical context, before the sheet and then the phonographic support have become the formal container of this objectification, sound art and sound performance have transformed the concrete tactile and visual object into a fluid object, the whose word and gesture are expressed in events, places or remain suspended in mid-air between the network and internet servers.
In the Artifacts section the sediments of a transversal sound search for fluid objects that have taken place but can still take place are collected. The friction between word and world scapes in City Scripts, created with Giorgio Vasta, is contrasted by the schizophony of Metascape; from the meta-historical temporal degradation of One Endless Minute to the physical spatial degradation of Gradients.