Immersive Cities

In this moment of a global pandemic, wherein movement on a worldwide scale has undergone a drastic reduction, the very idea of cultural journeys has undergone a transformation. In this new context, the dimension of journey opens-up to possible, new sensorial destinations where sound can represent a vector for the imagination and develop an immersive knowledge, both in terms of understanding cities, places, and geographies as well as in relation to the study of cultures and languages.

Immersive Cities is a project specifically for the Italian language students of the Italian Cultural Institute of Melbourne, where the recipients will be guided by several sound artists to experience different Italian cities and the search for the sonorous identity of places, voices, and cultures imagined and known through the study of language and experiences now, through the immersive dimension of listening to soundscapes. However, there is scope for expanding the experience to include all those people who want to reach into the heart of the Italian soundscape and be immersed.

The compositions on the soundscape of five cities (Bari, Naples, Palermo, Venice, Turin) will be accessible through a web interface (microsite) that will allow users to navigate them through a geographical map. The platform will also contain presentation texts of the works, written by the curator and the artists and possibly written comments also by students.

Immersive cities – Soundscapes for Language Learners is an idea created and developed by the Italian Cultural Institute of Melbourne, curated by Dr. Leandro Pisano (

Thanks to RMIT/SAAC, DISCUI/Università degli Studi di Urbino, Sound Studies Forum, Liminaria.

The artists:

Francesco Giannico — Bari;
Marco Messina  — Naples;
VacuaMoenia — Palermo;
Nicola Di Croce and Enrico Coniglio — Venice;
Enrico Ascoli — Turin.