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23 Settembre 2018 @ 11:00 - 30 Settembre 2018 @ 22:00

The Event

Eterotopia La Maddalena is a nine-days event that will be held from the 22nd to the 30th September 2018 in the stunning Sardinian archipelago of La Maddalena.

Over these days, eight teams led by young militants in the field of architecture and related disciplines, will be developing projects whose purpose is to promote the territory in a widespread manner, by recognition of its various resources, and by seeking to overcome the challenges of seasonal and localised employment.

The event’s palimpsest leaves plenty of room for debates and roundtables, so that the barrier that often divides Art and Politics in a confrontation that is always open and intense can be broken down.

In trying to understand the prevailing conditions of this area through a multidisciplinary approach, we will adopt the role of modern explorers.

No longer searching for unexplored territories, but determined to identify and understand some of the infinite relationships that exist between humanity and land. The aim is to interpret the variety of resources of this territory by setting up a common framework with a series of projects whose challenge is to overcome the seasonal and limited use of the archipelago’s resources.

By presenting ourselves as new occupants of la Maddalena, we will overturn the traditional rules of conquest that are linked to the idea of occupation for the purposes of possession and exploitation, with a precise series of actions that will result in the development and protection of the area.


8 Projects

The 8 projects for La Maddalena will be submitted for the attention of local institutions and residents, as well as disseminated through the media to broaden the debate on the topic and and generate possibilities for research and development.

The designers will be asked to represent the subject of their theoretical research with a 1:1 scale model. These 8 models will be exhibited on a single platform, to testify the cohesion between the various projects. At the end of the event the models will be put on display locally.

After the event, the entire research process will be the subject of a paper publication edited by the organisers, along with a collection of all the photographic material in a thematic documentary. The ultimate aim is to stimulate debate beyond the Eterotopia event and trigger a chain reaction through the activation of ideas.



23 Settembre 2018 @ 11:00
30 Settembre 2018 @ 22:00
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