You can support VacuaMoenia through this page. We are a self-supported project and a little donation is very important for us and for upcoming resarches.

Our main purpose is to find a way to revalue the sicilian abandoned soundscape and involve people through soundwalks, workshops and other kind of activities and meetings. This revaluation can be expressed in two ways: on one side, according to an ecological research of listening to the landscape and on another side, through a compositive and esthetic formula. 
Also, VacuaMoenia tries to explore forgotten sicilian environment through soundwalks and direct contacts with people.
The borghi rurali become places where we can starting and ending our activities.
With our membership card, you can partecipate in many activities such as events , workshops, concerts, soundwalks, etc.

So, if you like VacuaMoenia, it is possible make a free donation clicking the button below

What about the money?

We pay the ISP, buy new equipment (mics, recorders, and a lot of stuff) to improve the quality of VacuaMoenia and fund the trips to make recording session in Sicily (it is the biggest island in mediterranean area!)