City Scripts

City Scripts is a project of the writer Giorgio Vasta realized for Manifesta12 in Palermo. It takes shape from a city, Palermo, made of space and time, and five narrators: three individual ones, Fulvio Abbate, Emma Dante, Giorgio Vasta and two duals, young people aged between twenty and twenty-five, coming from Italy and Africa but living in the city today. City Scripts is the description of five fragments of Palermo, five texts that will be made available as free download podcasts, five ‘visions to listen’, five perceptions of Palermo’s territory over time (both, past and future), five micro-narrations in which the wordscape, a landscape of words, mixes with the landscape of sound, the soundscape.

City Scripts is also an educational project that Manifesta12 implements in collaboration with Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Sede Sicilia: at hand of ten young authors, it becomes an opportunity to deal with the narration of physical space (with Giorgio Vasta), the soundscape (with Pietro Bonanno and Fabio R. Lattuca, intending the VacuaMoenia project) and the audio documentary (with Letizia Gullo).

In collaboration with:
Fulvio Abbate, Emma Dante, VacuaMoenia, Letizia Gullo, Angelica Cricchio, Giulia Leoni, Andrea Mafrica, Constance La Bruna, Toumani Diabaté, Mustapha Conteh, Bandiougou Diawara, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Sede Sicilia.


1. City Scripts Via Vincenzo di Pavia by Fulvio Abbate
2. City Scripts – Arenella
by Emma Dante
3. City Scripts – Pozzo Arabo
by Giorgio Vasta
4. City Scripts – Panchina del Giardino Inglese
by Angelica Cricchio con Mustapha Conteh e Andrea Mafrica
5. City Scripts – Palermo attraverso le linee degli autobus 101 e 628
by Bandiougou Diawara, Costanza La Bruna, Giulia Leoni, Toumani Diabate