Panphonia is the sound of wholeness, a circular all that comes out and returns to the reality that generated it.
Panphonia is an electroacoustic composition based on field recordings of a particular type of soundscape, that of abandoned rural villages built during the fascism time in Sicily and that today are often uninhabited. The composition considers the internal and external side of matter as demiurgical actions.
Outside the body of the Villages, the transitory landscape reoccupies the site, lying on the border like a symphony of sounds whose body and shape are of the same material, destroying the organs of the Villages, the buildings are returning to earth. Thanks to the panoramic shooting and the use of contact microphones, the composition combines a representative double dimension that creates a bridge between the composer and the listener so as to become the cornerstone of the two worlds.


  1. Pietro Bonanno: Chinmoku (10:24)
  2. Fabio R. Lattuca: Music for a 24h Environment (14:24)
  3. Vacuamoenia: Panphonia (21:20)


english version here


A CLOSER LISTEN (20 Luglio 2018)
Seeing, goes the theory, necessarily modifies what is being seen. That’s not even considering the effects of perspective, which is to say the mental articulation of meanings and associations in a particular language about whatever’s under observation. [read]

SOWHAT (18 Giugno 2018)
Una lunga indagine sul silenzio apparente di luoghi del passato consegnati dalla storia all’oblio, circoscritti ambienti persi nel territorio che come vibrante fuoco sotto uno spesso strato di cenere continuano ad ardere invisibili. [read more]