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Sound Corner

Marzo 1 - Marzo 31


Sound Corner / 55
Panphonia, 2018

from Sun 1 Mar to Tue 31 Mar | Sound Corner

Panphonia is an electro-acoustic work revolving around a series of environmental recordings made in some abandoned villages, originally built to populate rural areas in Sicily during the Fascist period. The acoustic space in such villages – established in the 1920s as the result of an effort to colonize the “empty” countryside at the centre of Sicily – is illustrated in this composition by evoking the fragmented materiality of their objects, architecture, landscape, space, and time, which is investigated through the instruments and acoustic methods employed by the two artists.
Vacuamoenia’s research on the Third Sound Landscape of these villages constitutes an attempt to explore fullness and emptiness, presence and absence, silence and noise, in relation to a history of interwoven coexistence and conflict, disasters and abandonments. What emerges are fragments of a whole, of a panphonia of solitude that promotes empathic participation by the listener through an endless circular process that starts from the objects and landscape, and is then reflected in the synaesthesia of the auditory process.
The environmental recordings made in these desolate places are steeped in a sort of aesthetic fascination which is attuned to a peculiar, sensitive, and circumspect way of exploring their various levels in great depth. The properties of sound – a vehicle for both materiality and ephemerality – allows the two artists to adopt a wide range of approaches in order to illustrate the trajectories and resonances of a constant discovery. This discloses unusual aesthetic spaces in which a series of possible reinterpretations converge: the romantic, the “hauntological”, the decadent, and that focusing on a perceptual spectrometry of space and of the architecture of these places.
Panphonia is the evocation of an endless event consisting in the co-presence of human and non-human elements, in a space that is a field of recollection, engendered by the possibility of experiencing – via listening – a sense of the place that is not merely expressed through its physical presence, but which also requires the acknowledgement and acceptance of its ‘spectral’ aspects. Endlessly self-generated spectres fill the listening space, giving rise to auditory images that envelop the listener in a series of mesmerising and inextricable webs.

Leandro Pisano

Panphonia, 2018

from Sun 1 Mar to Tue 31 Mar | Sound Corner

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Sound Corner è un’installazione sonora permanente collocata nello spazio di passaggio tra il foyer della Sala Petrassi e il Teatro Studio Borgna: un angolo del suono con una programmazione periodica mensile destinata ad accogliere brani sonori di artisti sempre diversi, proposti di volta in volta da curatori, artisti e istituzioni.


Marzo 1
Marzo 31
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