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Here you can support VacuaMœnia’s investigation and teaching activities.
The aim of our Cultural Association is to find a way to re-appreciate the abandoned Sicilian soundscapes and spread their dissemination through Soundwalks, workshops and other types of meetings and activities. This awareness expresses two ways: on the one hand the ecological research of landscape listening and, on the other, its application within a compositional and aesthetic formula. In addition to these aspects, VacuaMœnia tries to enhance and discover areas, places and environments of Sicily that are not much appreciated or almost completely unknown, through Sound Walks and direct contact with rural realities. The rural villages – thoroughly discussed on our website – become departure and arrival point for the association’s activities.

The annual membership card gives the right to participate in all activities promoted during the year (exhibitions, events, workshops, concerts, Sound Walks). Future events are to be found at this LINK, while past events are available at ARCHIVE.

Anyone wishing to simply support our activities and research can also donate a free quota by clicking here …